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What is Account-Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a targeted, personalised approach to B2B lead generation that focuses on high-value named accounts, rather than broader target markets.

It's designed to align sales and marketing efforts and provide a more personalised and effective buying experience for key accounts.

The key principles of ABM include:

  1. Account selection ABM starts by identifying and selecting the highest-value, or strategically high-priority, accounts that you want to target. These accounts are often organisations using competitive solutions, with complex buying processes, and are typically considered to be high-priority targets for your business.

  2. Personalisation Companies don't buy, people inside them do. ABM is highly personalised to the individual, with marketing and sales efforts tailored specifically to each potential influencer within the targeted account. This could be one person, or one hundred. We once completed an ABM campaign targeting a large telco and forty of their employees across all divisions and buying groups. And yes, our client won the $16 million business. Personalisation should include tailored messaging, insightful content (including controversial or high-impact content that alerts the target to an issue or opportunity well before the buying journey even begins), relevant calls to action, and specfic offers, as well as tailored sales processes and tactics.

  3. Collaboration between sales and marketing ABM is an inherently collaborative approach, with marketing and sales working together to develop and execute tailored campaigns and strategies for each target account. We can provide the glue that helps gets this synery working and the teams together.

  4. Data-driven insights ABM relies on data and insights to inform and guide decision making, with a focus on measuring the impact and effectiveness of ABM efforts.|

  5. Multi-channel approach ABM typically involves a multi-channel approach, leveraging a range of marketing and sales tactics and technologies, such as direct mail, targeted online ads, DMs, telehone followup, specific content and landing pages, specific forms, targeted micro-events, and brilliant content marketing.

ABM is effective because it provides a highly personalised and effective marketing experience for key accounts, and, often targets people before they are even aware of the issue or opportunity that lies before them, thus giving you and your brand a massive advantage by engaging early - and being the brand that educates them through their buying journey to the outcome (resulting in more sales and greater margin).

By focusing on high-value and priority target accounts and aligning sales and marketing efforts, ABM can help organisations to prime their Revenue funnel with more opportunities, reduce sales friction, increase conversions and revenue, as well as build long-term client relationships.



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