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10 LiveChat Stats Every B2B Business Should Know

As a B2B business, you know the importance of keeping your customers happy and satisfied with your services.

One of the best ways to achieve this is by providing quick and efficient customer support. In today's digital age, live chat has emerged as one of the most effective ways of providing real-time customer support.

In this blog, we will explore 10 live chat stats that every B2B business should know.

  1. Live chat leads to higher customer satisfaction According to a study by Forrester Research, customers who use live chat are more satisfied with their customer service experience compared to those who use other channels like email and phone.

  2. Live chat increases sales Research by Econsultancy found that live chat can increase sales by up to 45%. This is because live chat allows customers to ask questions and clarify doubts in real-time, leading to better informed purchasing decisions.

  3. Live chat improves first-contact resolution A study by Software Advice found that live chat leads to a higher first-contact resolution rate compared to email and phone support. This means that customers are more likely to have their issues resolved quickly and efficiently when using live chat.

  4. Live chat reduces response times Live chat enables companies to respond to customer inquiries almost instantly. This is in stark contrast to email and phone support, where response times can be hours or even days.

  5. Live chat increases customer loyalty A study by American Express found that customers who use live chat are more likely to recommend a business to their friends and family compared to those who do not use live chat.

  6. Live chat is preferred by younger customers A study by LivePerson found that younger customers, particularly those aged 18-34, prefer live chat over other support channels. This highlights the importance of live chat for businesses looking to engage with younger customers.

  7. Live chat leads to higher customer retention A study by Kayako found that live chat leads to higher customer retention rates compared to other support channels. This is because live chat enables companies to provide personalized and efficient support, leading to a better customer experience.

  8. Live chat is cost-effective Compared to other support channels, live chat is significantly more cost-effective. This is because live chat enables companies to handle multiple customer inquiries at the same time, reducing the need for multiple support staff.

  9. Live chat is mobile-friendly With the increasing use of mobile devices, it's essential for businesses to have a mobile-friendly support channel. Live chat provides a seamless and efficient customer experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

  10. Live chat can be integrated with other tools Live chat can be easily integrated with other tools such as CRM, knowledge management systems, and analytics platforms, making it a powerful tool for businesses looking to provide efficient and effective customer support.

In conclusion, live chat is a valuable tool for B2B businesses looking to provide quick and efficient customer support. With its ability to increase customer satisfaction, sales, and retention, live chat is a must-have for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition.



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