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10 Account-based Sales Statistics Every B2B Business Should Know

As a B2B business, it's important to understand the key metrics and trends in account-based sales to make informed decisions and drive results.

Here are 10 important account-based sales statistics that every B2B business should know, along with sources and references for further reading:

  1. Account-based sales can increase win rates by 50% or more. (Source: SiriusDecisions)

  2. Account-based sales teams are 2-3 times more likely to reach their quotas compared to traditional sales teams. (Source: The Challenger Sale)

  3. Companies that adopt account-based sales strategies see a 30-50% increase in deal size. (Source: ABM-enabled Sales Teams, SiriusDecisions)

  4. 92% of B2B sales leaders believe account-based sales is critical to their success. (Source: SalesHacker)

  5. Account-based sales is often associated with a 70% or higher close rate. (Source: Accenture)

  6. 84% of B2B marketers believe that account-based marketing and sales are highly aligned. (Source: B2B Marketing)

  7. Companies that use account-based sales are 67% more likely to see an increase in revenue. (Source: ABM Impact Study, DemandBase)

  8. Account-based sales can reduce the sales cycle by 20-40%. (Source: The Future of Account-Based Sales, Engagio)

  9. Companies with a strong account-based sales strategy are 2-3 times more likely to see an increase in deal size. (Source: The Future of Account-Based Sales, Engagio)

  10. In 2020, 89% of B2B companies implemented account-based sales strategies. (Source: ABM Impact Study, DemandBase)

These statistics highlight the importance of implementing a strong account-based sales strategy for B2B businesses.

By focusing on specific accounts and customizing the sales approach to meet the unique needs of each one, businesses can increase win rates, close more deals, and ultimately drive growth. If you're interested in learning more about account-based sales, be sure to check out the sources and references listed above for in-depth insights and best practices.



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