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Engage priority named accounts before your competitors do.

ABM is a proven way for marketers with an account-based sales environment to build personalised campaigns targeted toward specific accounts that are most likely to provide highly profitable revenue. ABM is not intended to replace inbound marketing. Indeed it is designed to complement it by taking an active approach to lead generation.

Why Account-Based Marketing?

Engage Early

By engaging earlier in the sales process and with higher value opportunities you have a greater chance of influencing the prospect to ultimately choose your solution at a greater margin than otherwise.

Control your destiny

By targeting specific named accounts, most businesses with account-based sales environments see ABM as a way to take put your own destiny into your own hands. 

Personalised touch

Account-based marketing takes personalised marketing to a new level by developing content those key decision-makers want and need to move them through the buyer’s journey. 

Focused efforts

ABM helps structure your marketing and sales efforts and resources on key target accounts that you've identified can drive the most revenue at the best margins. 

Greater returns

According to the Information Technology Services Marketing Association, 84% of businesses surveyed said that account-based marketing delivers higher ROI than other types of marketing. 

Faster sales cycles

One of ABM’s biggest strengths is accelerating the sales cycle by influencing decision makers before they even know they have an issue/opportunity, and before they talk to any other brands.

Not all Account-Based Marketing campaigns are created equally.

ABM is perfect for those businesses and marketing professionals already familiar with inbound, who want to accelerate their current marketing efforts and Revenue Funnel by targeting a named and identified accounts considered most likely and most valuable.

Our team of ABM experts will work with you to create holistic and integrated campaigns that target the buyers and influencers within those accounts with educational content designed to spark awareness and emotion with regards to an issue or opportunity they may not yet even be aware of for themselves and their organisations. This drives new prospects into their own buying journey and your Revenue Funnel early - give you more likelihood of winning the business in the end - and winning it at greater margin.

Why engage AIM for your Account-Based Marketing programs?

Alex Inbound Marketing (AIM) is a highly experienced inbound marketing agency capable of adding real value from day one to your team and business. We've been a HubSpot partner since 2012 (before HubSpot was even in Australia), and have created over 5,000 pieces of commercial content for a wide range of global and Australian based brands. 

We utilise our Content as a Science  (CaaS™️) approach to identify the most important content to be developed across your target sectors and their buying journey's, and then produce with absolute attention to detail, brand consistency, and professional visual design - all to generate engagement across the buying journey.

Do you want to adopt an Account-Based Marketing program to drive more efficient revenue growth?

Request a discussion with our highly experienced marketing and sales consultants to discuss your aspirations and see what could be possible.

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